What is Spiritual Energy?

I have created this specialized section on my site for the purpose of combining the Tangible with the Intangible; combining Spiritual Energy with Brick & Mortar; because I have come to realize that life’s duality is a combination of both the physical and the non-physical.  

Based on my near-death experience I believe that the human body is made up of two parts: physical and vibrational energy and it has six (6) senses.

The physical component is made up of 5 physical senses: Hear, See, Feel, Touch, Taste, and Smell.

We rely heavily on these five senses every day to guide us in life. We can function perfectly fine if we are missing a couple of these physical senses because our sixth sense becomes acutely aware. 

The vibrational energetic component contained within the body, I believe, is what some call a soul, spirit, or energy.

The spirit is the body’s sixth energetic sense: called our intuition. Intuition resides within your spiritual energy (soul, spirit,).

Now let’s say that something were to happen to the physical body that it could no longer sustain life, and the five human senses could no longer work or function.

But what happened to the sixth sense? Only the physical component of the body was terminated. The energetic part remains to be active.

Since energy isn’t physical matter, energy can never die. That is why Einstein said, “Energy cannot be created nor destroyed”.

Spiritual Energy is non-denominational. It doesn’t recognize religion only humans do.

When a Spiritual House Cleansing Service is performed, it is the process that clears the unwanted vibrational energy and puts the space back to neutrality.

How Can Houses or Land Hold Energy?

Anything that is created by particles, molecules, atoms, cells, etc. is capable of holding energy. Therefore everything holds energy.

But holding energy is a natural part of life for everyone and everything. It is when an object gets bombarded with energy that it will continue to absorb all that it can.

Once it can no longer absorb the energy it will start to repel the excess energy. If the surroundings are filled with negativity then the object, house, land, or office will start to feel heavy.

Many people believe that when they buy a house, the energy of the previous owners gets passed on to them. There is some truth to that only insofar as the house is carrying some of the previous owner’s energetic baggage.

The simple way to resolve this matter is by having the house energetically cleansed before you take possession or before you put any of your possessions in that home.

If you consider it to be good practice to have your carpets or furnace professionally cleaned before you move in, then this would be the type of consideration to have your new home energetically professionally cleaned as well.

When stigmatized houses, land, and old buildings hold energy sometimes it is hard for sellers to find a willing buyer to purchase. This is why it is important to understand how energy works if you own a home, have real estate investments or need to sell/buy a home where a stigmatizing event took place. 

But most importantly….you need to find a real estate professional who knows the balance between the seen and unseen; the visible and the invisible; the physical and non-physical.

How Can the Essence of Someone Who Has Died Linger In A House or on Land?

When someone dies in a house naturally a piece of their spiritual energy remains there as a source of comfort to the family.

When there is a violent death of one or many, the spiritual energy is more intense even though you can’t see it. You can feel it when you walk into the home.

Violence is a horrible act that has a triple punch. The house, land, neighbor, and community will feel the shift in energy. The negative act of violence remains energetically in the home. And with the loss of human life, the spiritual energy will remain lingering in the home.

Often real estate agents are not properly energetically equipped or educated to deal with a stigmatized property and will habitually continue to lower the price of the property until someone buys it.

But the lingering negative energy from the violent act, the loss of life, the shift within the community, and the emotional trauma of the neighbors, never allows the land, house, or community to go back to neutrality.

That is why my four point Resolution Sales Program for a stigmatized home helps neighborhoods and communities heal after a traumatic event. If you or someone you know may need some support or help with a stigmatized property please send them the link to this section, maybe it could help them. 

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